Ever felt prevented, stuck, or blocked? Forward progress isn’t in your future? A few years ago I was running late (a common occurrence) and I had to get my boys to their Ama’s and get to work on time. She lives thirty minutes away from me, so this wasn’t easy. I decided to take back roads because they are always faster, right?! This was a wise decision until I came upon an accident. A garbage truck had been in a wreck and turned over so both directions of the road were blocked. So I did what anyone would do, I tried a detour, but several other people had the same idea, so my detour ended up being backed up for a mile at an intersection with a stop sign. Again impatient at the resistance to my forward movement, I did a u-turn and retraced my steps until I was practically home and could re-route myself. Okay, not only did I not save any time, but I lost time in the process! In that moment, I was prevented. I was blocked. 

Ugh! Resistance to my destination was so frustrating, but it doesn’t even compare to how frustrating, debilitating, and crushing it can be to be blocked or prevented in life. Feel gifted at something but the right door hasn’t opened yet? Hoping for a promotion but need to finish a class or have a degree first? Infertility standing between you and a baby? Waiting for a medication or a treatment to work? Maybe, like me, you’ve tried detours and everything keeps taking you back to your point of origin.

What if mountains don’t always get moved with ONE word, or ONE prayer? What if mountains get moved little by little? Load by load? Isaiah 41:15 says "See, I will make you into a sharp threshing board, new, with many teeth. You will thresh mountains and pulverize them and make hills into chaff.” When a road needs to get put through an area with a mountain in the way, they get to work load by load, removing the mountain so the road can be built. What if resistance doesn’t mean give up and walk away? What if it means get to work? What if speaking to our mountain isn't always a one-time thing? What if it sometimes requires the consistent, rhythmic work of load after load being lifted and moved out of the way? It’s time to get to work, girls! We weren’t meant to lived prevented and detoured. Christ’s purpose for you and me is specific and awesome. Let’s get to work and SPEAK to our MOUNTAINS! It’s time for them to move.


We are beyond excited for this year’s Flourish Weekend—Mountain Move! We believe this isn’t just a catchy, cute title but this is God's moment for us! So many of us have spent life staring down our mountain deciding to either play chicken, detour, or just wish it away. The problem is we are still on this side of the mountain and God’s promise is on the other side. It’s time for the mountain to move. It’s time to speak to our mountain! 

We can’t wait to spend the weekend with you!

Pastor Brenda & Pastor Jerushah

Speak to your mountain.

Flourish presents:

Mountain Move
Women’s Weekend

Oct 13-14
at Living Hope

Flourish Women’s Weekend is authentic, creative, meaningful, and diverse. It’s a dynamic conference just for women—friends, daughters, mothers, sisters. We worship together, learn together, laugh together, eat together, and live life together. We are FLOURISH. Gathering, equipping, and empowering women to flourish in every season and responsibility.





Lisa Trent currently serves as the youth and young adults pastor at The Pearl Church in Denver, Co with her husband. She is an author, speaker, and discipler of the next generation. Over the past 15 years she has lived out her passion to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform the lives of young people. Her commitment and devotion to having a real and living relationship with Jesus Christ and her commitment to God’s mission on planet earth, will inspire anyone to go deeper, believe bigger, and aim higher in God. She lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband Asim Trent and their two boys, Houston and Elijah.


Natalie Aman is a musician, speaker, and leader who loves Jesus and people deeply. For over 10 years she has lead and been the youth pastor of Circle Youth Ministries at Joy Church, in Medford Oregon. She is a strategic thinker who has a passion for reaching the lost and growing the Church. She is married to her incredible husband Riley and together they enjoy eating great food, traveling to new places, and spending time with new and old friends. 

Special Speakers


Pastor Jess and Brenda Strickland have been the Lead Pastors of Living Hope since 1987. They started their first church plant over thirty years ago and have since planted churches in two other locations. Pastor Jess and Brenda both received theological training at Portland Bible College. Brenda grew up in Japan where her family served as missionaries, and enjoys anything creative, decorating, cooking, fashion, and exploring new cities and countrysides. They are the parents of two children, Jerushah and Jared, and their spouses, Ben and Brittney, and the grandparents of four grandsons. 


Jerushah Tanner currently serves as a Teaching Pastor at Living Hope in Aloha. She is madly in love with Jesus and wants to be part of people in the Portland area experiencing His incredible grace. She and her firefighter lieutenant husband, Ben (yep, she thinks he’s great), have two sons, Hudson (8 years) and Jaden Knox (5 years). Jerushah has a B.A. from Multnomah Bible College in Bible and Theology. She LOVES the Bible, books, cooking,  coffee, theology, travel, and anything new—from faces to places. She wishes she were a perpetual student and thinks it’s pretty awesome being the only girl in her house.


Angie Taylor began teaching in the public school system in Minneapolis, Minnesota 24 years ago. In 1999, she became a National Children’s Ministry Director for Open Bible Churches in the U.S, and in 2001, the Principal of Freedom Christian School in Sacramento, California. In 2011, Angie and her family moved to Portland, Oregon where she became the principal of Life Christian School. Combining her life experiences and love for discipleship with her passion for education, Angie founded Valor Christian School International in Beaverton, Oregon in 2016. For every student enrolled in Valor a student’s education is sponsored in a developing nation. Angie has been married to Adam for 25 years and is the mother of three children.



Can anyone come?

Calling all laaaaaadies! Sorry fellas, this is a girls only event so we are gonna leave ya all at home, hopefully with our kids, haha!

Is this just for church people or may I bring a friend?

Ooooooh, we love friends! Especially yours! We’d love to host them and make them feel right at home!

I can only attend Friday night or Saturday morning. Is that okay?

We totally understand crazy schedules and we want Flourish to be available to everyone, so this weekend we are offering a one-day pass for only $20 and it allows access to either day—Friday or Saturday!

May I bring my kids?

Yes please! Some very awesome (and beautiful) background-checked and Hope Kids-trained adults and high schoolers will be running our childcare for the event at extra cost!

Will there be food?

Is the sky blue? Is chocolate good? Do babies smell good? Is coffee wonderful and necessary? Of course there will be food! We’ll have all sort of appetizers and goodies coming your way Friday night, parfaits and build-your-own tacos on Saturday morning! We’ll have snacks & pizza for kids, but feel free to bring a sack lunch for your kiddos if they have special dietary needs.

Do we have to register online?

Yes, but if you need help figuring it out, we always have someone here on Sundays to assist you! (Or swing by the church during our work hours!)

What time does it start?

Registration begins Friday, October 13th at 6:30 p.m. and you can enjoy some appetizers and shop our Flourish Shop before our first session, which begins at 7:00 p.m.

When does it end?

Saturday, October 14th at 2:00pm.

Is Flourish overnight?

No (that’d be fun though!). It’s a weekend all for us ladies, but we still get the comfort of sleeping in our own beds. 

Will there be merchandise for sale?

Yes, we have merchandise, and our very own Flourish t-shirts. You’re going to want one of each!



Meals (Friday: appetizers, dessert. Saturday: light breakfast, lunch). Gifts. Childcare included at extra cost. 
and don’t forget to check out our Flourish shop before and after sessions

Pastor Lisa Trent
Pastor Brenda Strickland
Pastor Jerushah Tanner


Register today!

$30 for the whole weekend
$20 for one day (Friday or Saturday)


Our next Flourish Weekend is May 4-5, 2018!