Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 30-May 6

Question of the Week:  Jesus teaches us how to manage (take care of) things!  What and who does Jesus want us to take care of?  Can you tell me how you are doing that with chickens at church?

We are given so much!  We have hands that can serve, minds that can think of ideas, money to buy things we need, time to spend with others, and so much more!  Jesus teaches us how to manage all of these things.  He shows us what He thinks is important!  Jesus says that taking care of others is very important.  During Hope Kids Gives, you have the chance to earn Hope Kids Bucks and to do a few different things with them.  You can buy treats from the Lemonade and Market Stands.  You can also give your Hope Kids Bucks to purchase chickens that will be given to a family that lives in a country where they do not have many of the things they need.  What will you do on Sunday?  How will you manage your Hope Kids Bucks?

Tell your child about how Jesus guides your family to manage your money, time, and priorities.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 23-29

Question of the Week:  Jesus wants to change the way we see things!  What do you think is important to Jesus?

Jesus talked a lot about what He thinks is important!  He wants us to love Him and to love other people.  When we love Him, we do what He says.  He tells us to love, serve, help, honor, and take care of others.  Sometimes it is hard to think about helping others because we are so busy thinking about ourselves.  Jesus wants to change the way we see!  He wants us to see the way that He sees!

Tell your child about how Jesus has changed your perspective.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 16-22

Question of the Week:  Jesus Triumphs!  He wins!  What does it mean to you today to know that Jesus has won?

Can you think of a time when you've felt really bad about something you have said or done?  Maybe you felt like a relationship was broken or even like you were broken inside.  It's not a good feeling, is it?  The wonderful news of Easter is that Jesus has won, He has made everything whole and even better than it was before!  He has won and He has changed us forever!  No, we are not perfect.  In fact, we will keep on making lots of mistakes.  But Jesus has won!  He has covered all of our mistakes and changed us so that we get to live knowing Him instead of just knowing our mistakes!  Jesus triumphs and He transforms us so that we are new and no longer broken!

Tell your child about what Easter means to you.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 9-15

Question of the Week:  Jesus is King!  This week we think about how Jesus died on the cross to save us.  Why did Jesus our King have to die on the cross?

Jesus is our Forever King!  His path to becoming King was not what many people expected.  He didn't go to the palaces, to the government, or to the people in charge.  Instead He went to the cross to die for us.  Jesus was punished for every mistake, every sin, every wrong thing we have ever done.  He was punished and He died so that we can be saved from punishment.  However that's not the end!  Jesus had to take on all of our sin and die on the cross so that He could come back to life and beat death forever!  Jesus, our King, didn't go to a palace to wear a crown and be in fancy clothes while He was on Earth.  Instead He went to the cross to die for all of us and to save us so that we can serve and love Him forever!  Jesus is our Forever King!\

Share with your child about having a new life with Jesus!

Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 2-8

Question of the Week:  Jesus opens our eyes to see that He is our King!  Is Jesus your King?  What does that mean to you?

When Jesus opens our eyes to see and understand that He is our King, we can't help but follow and serve Him!  Seeing Jesus and understanding what a loving and humble King He is changes everything about our lives!  Suddenly we want to spend time with Him, we want to love and serve His people, and we want to be more like Him!  

Tell your child about how your life has changed since you have seen Jesus as King!

Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 26-April 1

Question of the Week:  In Mark chapter 8, Jesus talks about how important it is for us to think about God instead of just thinking about ourselves.  What does it mean to be thinking about God?

God wants us to care about the things that He cares about!  What does He care about?  His people!  God loves the people that He created so much!  He cares about His people being taken care of.  Imagine that you had a whole day with no plans at all.  It might be easy to make a list of everything that you wanted to do that day.  Maybe sleep in, play outside, color a picture, and bake cookies.  What a fun day!  All of these things are good and God wants you to enjoy them, however He doesn't want for these things to be the first thing that you think about.  Instead, He wants you to first think about loving Him and loving His people.  Thinking about God means that we plan time to read the Bible and pray.  It means that we think of ways to love and care for His people by helping and serving.  Thinking about God means that He is the first thing that pops into our minds when we wake up!

Share a story with your child about a time when you practiced thinking about God instead of thinking about yourself.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 19-25

Question of the Week:  Jesus works miracles!  He wants us to be involved in serving while He is doing incredible and impossible things!  How can we serve Jesus today?

Jesus is always working miracles!  He is constantly doing things that we cannot do on our own.  He wants us to be involved in these miracles.  He wants to use you!  Jesus wants us to pay attention to what He is doing so that we can be a part of His plan.  When we see someone who is hungry, He wants us to help.  When we see someone who needs clothes, He wants us to help.  When we see someone who needs a friend, He wants us to help.  He wants us to serve and help His people!  When we serve Jesus by loving His people, then we get to see the incredible miracles that only He can do!  Let's pray together today asking Jesus to open our eyes and our hearts to see and serve Him while He works miracles around us.

Tell a story of a miracle from your own life.  Take time to pray and plan how your family can serve Jesus together today!

Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 12-18

Question of the Week:  Jesus keeps His promises.  What happens in our hearts when we trust Jesus?

We know that we can trust Jesus because He promises to take care of us and He always keeps His promises.  We can practice trusting Jesus as we listen to His word, pray, and do what He says.  The more we practice trusting Jesus, the more we can see something incredible happen.  As our trust goes stronger, our faith grows deeper and as our faith grows deeper, the things that scare or worry us suddenly aren't so scary or hard anymore!  We can trust Jesus to take care of us!

Invite your child to talk about something that causes fear or worry.  Pray together thanking Jesus for always taking care of us.