Hope Kids at Home: Week of June 11-17

Question of the Week:  We have HOPE!  Jesus loves us!  What does it mean to you to live with hope?

Have you ever hoped that something would happen?  Have you ever said something like, "I hope I can...."?  When we are hoping for something, we are living with excitement thinking about how that thing might happen. When we live in Jesus, we get to live everyday with hope and excitement!  Living with hope means we live everyday with Jesus as our King!  Living with hope means that there is nothing too big, too scary, or too difficult for our King!  Living with hope means that we are filled with Jesus' love and filled with His plan for us!

Share with your child about how your daily life is impacted by the hope of Jesus.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of June 4-10

Question of the Week:  We are called to Give Hope!  We cannot do this on our own.  The Holy Spirit is our helper!  How does the Holy Spirit help us?

The Holy Spirit teaches us how to Give Hope!  When the Holy Spirit lives in us, we can understand how Jesus wants us to live.  He wants us to love Him and to love His people!  When we love His people, we tell them all about His love!  The Holy Spirit shows us how to love His people.  Maybe He gives us the idea of talking to a friend during lunch.  Or maybe He shows us someone who has a need and He helps us to be generous.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper!

Talk with your child about how the Holy Spirit might be showing opportunities to share about Jesus during these last weeks of school.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 28-June 3

Question of the Week:  Jesus is all about HOPE!  We are filled with hope because we know Him, we love Him, we serve Him, and we trust Him!  Jesus wants us to give hope to those around us.  How might we, as a family, give hope to others?

God has given us so many tools that we can use to give hope to the world.  He has given us talents and skills so that we can help others.  He has given us time so that we can listen and share kind words with others.  He has given us money so that we can take care of the needs of others.  When share the love of Jesus as we serve, love, bless, and take care of other people, we are giving hope!  Let's give hope today!

Plan a family project for the summer.  How can your family be creative and give hope to others?

Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 21-27

Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to value the things that are important to him!  What is the difference between Heaven treasure and Earth treasure?

Jesus talked a lot about treasure when He was teaching about things that are important and valuable.  There are lots of things on Earth that we like to turn into treasures, things like having new clothes, a favorite toy, a new video game, or a beautiful necklace.  These items are not bad, but Jesus does not want us to think that they are the most valuable things.  Instead, He wants us to think about Heaven treasure!  What is Heaven treasure?  It's what Jesus tells us to do!  Helping our friends!  Obeying our parents!  Giving to those in need!  Spending time with Jesus!  

Talk with your child about things that may have become too valuable and create any needed boundaries to keep these things from becoming Earth treasures.  Then plan how to focus on Heaven treasure this week!

Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 14-20

Question of the Week:  God takes care of us!  Our security is in Him!  He wants to change our thinking from "Oh no!" to "Oh Yeah!".  What things are worrying you that we can pray about today?

Jesus teaches us that Our Father is perfect at taking care of us!  He is so good at it that we don't have to worry for a minute!  You matter so much to Him and He will never stop taking care of you!  You can feel calm and full of hope because He will always give you exactly what you need.  He wants you to feel safe and secure in Him!

Tell you child about how you know that God is your security.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 7-13

Question of the Week:  Our God is generous!  He wants us to live with our hands open, ready to receive what He wants to give us and ready to give to others generously!  How can you be generous today?

God gives us so much!  He provides everything we need!  In fact, He is so good at always giving us what we need that we never need to worry or wonder how we will be taken care of.  He takes care of us!  He is generous and He wants us to be generous too!  Let's talk about how we can be generous today.  Is there anyone we can help at school or in our neighborhood?  Can you be generous on Sunday with your Hope Kids Bucks?  Instead of spending everything at the stands to buy treats, what would you think about donating one buck to help buy chickens to donate to a family in need?

Tell your child about the impact generosity has had on your own life.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 30-May 6

Question of the Week:  Jesus teaches us how to manage (take care of) things!  What and who does Jesus want us to take care of?  Can you tell me how you are doing that with chickens at church?

We are given so much!  We have hands that can serve, minds that can think of ideas, money to buy things we need, time to spend with others, and so much more!  Jesus teaches us how to manage all of these things.  He shows us what He thinks is important!  Jesus says that taking care of others is very important.  During Hope Kids Gives, you have the chance to earn Hope Kids Bucks and to do a few different things with them.  You can buy treats from the Lemonade and Market Stands.  You can also give your Hope Kids Bucks to purchase chickens that will be given to a family that lives in a country where they do not have many of the things they need.  What will you do on Sunday?  How will you manage your Hope Kids Bucks?

Tell your child about how Jesus guides your family to manage your money, time, and priorities.