Hope Kids at Home: Week of August 13-19

Question of the Week:  Jesus loves us so much that He will always be with us!  What does it mean to trust Jesus?

When we trust Jesus, we live in peace that He will take perfect care of us.  Instead of worrying about what will happen or becoming anxious when things don't go our way, we are filled with peace and calm because we know that we can trust Jesus!  When we trust Jesus, we know that His perfect love makes fear go away!  When we trust Jesus, we know that He will always show us His perfect love, even when we make mistakes!  When we trust Jesus, we choose to follow Him because we know that His way is the very best!

Talk with your child about any worries he/she may have and pray together thanking Jesus that He can be trusted.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of August 6-12

Question of the Week:  Have you ever tattled on someone, hoping that they will get into trouble?  What do you think Jesus has to say about tattling?

Sometimes it can be tempting to want to see someone else get into trouble when they do something wrong.  It can almost feel unfair if they don't get punished when we think they deserve it.  Jesus wants to change the way we think!  We all make the wrong choice sometimes and He always forgives us.  Instead of looking for opportunities to get others punished, He wants us to rejoice in His truth that we are forgiven!  How do we do that?  We forgive each other!  We remind each other how to follow Him!  Instead of saying, "I'm telling!", we can say, "I forgive you!".  

Talk with your child about how he/she can practice rejoicing in forgiveness when at school or at home.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of July 30-Aug 5

Question of the Week:  Jesus wants to help us manage our emotions!  How does He want to change our thinking when we feel frustrated? 

Jesus wants to turn our frustration into forgiveness!  What is your first response when you don't get what you want?  How do you feel when there is something you can't have or when someone does something you don't like?  It can be easy to feel frustrated when things do not go our way.  Jesus wants to help us so that our first response is forgiveness instead of frustration.  He wants to live in us and change our thinking so that instead of becoming angry right away when someone does something we don't like, we forgive them right away.  We can't do this on our own, we need Jesus to help us!

Pray together asking Jesus to help us to forgive quickly when we feel frustrated.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of July 16-22

Question of the Week: Jesus wants us to love with kindness that is so great it surprises others. Have you ever been surprised by someone's kindness?

Jesus' kindness changes lives! Remember the Good Samaritan? He showed great kindness to the man on the road. His kindness was not only helpful in saving the man's life, it was also surprising. Do you know why? The Samaritan and the man on the road were supposed to be enemies! The Good Samaritan was filled with so much love that showing kindness to the hurting man was more important than whatother people thought he should do. That's just like the love of Jesus! When we are filled with His love, then we show kindness to everyone, even when it may be surprising to those around us!

Talk about how you can surprise others with kindness together.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of July 9-15

Question of the Week:  Do you ever want something right away?  It can be hard to be patient!  Why do you think patience is important to Jesus?

Jesus knows exactly what is best for us!  Sometimes that means waiting and waiting can be hard.  Patience is important because we want to wait for all of the incredible gifts, opportunities, and experiences that Jesus has for us!  If we can't be patient, then we might miss out!  Do you know what else?  Our Jesus is so incredible that not only does He help us to be patient, He also fills us with joy while we wait!

Share a story or a memory with your child about a time when you experienced that love is patient.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of June 25-July 1

Question of the Week:  If you were a car, what kind would you be?  A monster truck?  A convertible?  There are so many different kinds of cars but they all have one thing in common - they break down and need to be fixed!  How is God like our Mechanic?

God created us!  He knows every part of us, just like a mechanic knows all of the parts of a car.  He knows how and why He made us.  He knows exactly how to make us run well!  Just like a car, we can look like we are running around just fine, but at some point we will break.  We need to be fixed!  Who should fix us?  The One who created us and knows us!  God is our Mechanic!

Talk with your child about the special way he/she has been created.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of June 11-17

Question of the Week:  We have HOPE!  Jesus loves us!  What does it mean to you to live with hope?

Have you ever hoped that something would happen?  Have you ever said something like, "I hope I can...."?  When we are hoping for something, we are living with excitement thinking about how that thing might happen. When we live in Jesus, we get to live everyday with hope and excitement!  Living with hope means we live everyday with Jesus as our King!  Living with hope means that there is nothing too big, too scary, or too difficult for our King!  Living with hope means that we are filled with Jesus' love and filled with His plan for us!

Share with your child about how your daily life is impacted by the hope of Jesus.