Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 26-March 4

Question of the Week:  Jesus calls us to move forward with Him.  What is something we can do today to answer His call?

Jesus wants us to live our lives with Him!  He wants us to walk with Him, talk with Him, listen to Him, and learn about Him!  There are so many ways that we can do this.  We can read our Bibles, pray, worship, and talk with others about Jesus.  Let’s choose one way to practice walking with Jesus this week.  We want to walk with Him because when we walk with Him we are moving forward with Him.  What should we do this week to walk forward with Jesus?

Tell your child about something that you do daily to walk forward with Jesus.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 19-25

Question of the Week: In Luke 10 Jesus tells us to love our neighbor. Who is your neighbor? How can you love your neighbor today?

We often think of our neighbors as people who live next door to us. Jesus wants us to think bigger! Our neighbors are everywhere, near and far! Some neighbors live in our town and others live on the other side of the world. Jesus wants us to love and take care of others when we see that they need help. He wants us to always be looking for ways to love and care for people, even for people we don't know! Do you remember the story of The Good Samaritan? Jesus wants to interrupt our days, just like He interrupted the Samaritan's day, with His plans!  Just like the Samaritan, we can respond and obey with love!

Tell you child about a time when God interrupted your plans to help and love your neighbor. 

Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 13-18

Question of the Week:  God wants us to depend on Him.  What does it mean to depend on God?

Depending on God means that we trust Him!  We read our bibles, pray, worship, and remember all of the wonderful things that God has done.  When we remember who He is, we know that we can trust Him forever!  We know that we can depend on Him no matter what because He will never ever let us down!

Tell your child about a time when it was difficult but necessary to depend on God.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 5-11

Question of the Week:  We win when we love others the way that Jesus loves them.  How does Jesus love you, your family, and your friends?

Jesus loves us so much that He takes all of our mistakes and gets rid of them.  Just like that!  When we run to Jesus, all of our mistakes are gone!  He sees us as forgiven with our mistakes forgotten.  He doesn't shake His finger at us and tell us that we're really bad.  Instead He forgives us right away!  That is how Jesus wants us to love others.  He wants us to forgive them and love them right away!

Talk about a time when it can be difficult to forgive others.  Ask Jesus to help us when we are tempted to withhold love from others.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of January 29-February 4

Question of the Week:  God wants us to always stick with Him!  Why is it important to stick with God even when we don't feel like it?

We stick with God because we remember who He is and everything He has done!  Has God ever left us alone?  No!  Has He ever forgotten to take care of us?  Nope!  Has He ever decided that we were too boring or too naughty to be around?  No way!  We stick with God because He is faithful.  He always keeps His promises!  He promises to be our King and to take care of us so we stick with Him!  We win when we stick with God!

Tell a story about a time when you have chosen to stick with God even when being tempted to do something else.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of January 22-28

Question of the Week:  This week we heard the story of Joshua and the Israelites marching around the city of Jericho.  Why was it important for the Israelites to follow God and march around Jericho?

We win in following God!  Jericho was a big city and it may have seemed a little strange for the Israelites to march around it instead of going in to fight for it.  Joshua understood that they would only win in following God.  Sometimes God tells us to do things that don't make sense to us or that are different than what we would expect.  We only win in following God!

Tell your child about a time when you followed God's directions even when it didn't make sense.

Hope Kids at Home: Week of January 8-14

Ask Your Child: God told Joshua to be strong and courageous when he was scared. How can you be strong and courageous in God? 

We cannot be strong on our own. Even if we exercise all day we will never be the kind of strong that God is talking about! He wants us to be strong and courageous because we know that we win in God. When we read our bibles and learn about who He is, then we can remember everything we know about God when we are scared and need to be brave. Our strength and courage are in God because we are with God and we know who He is!

Tell about a time when you have depended on God to be your strength and courage.