Zechariah 13

Smiting of the Shepherd

Fountain Opened (1)

On the day Jesus was mourned, as he died for the sins of the world, on that new covenant day, a fountain would be opened. The True Israel, the nation made into Davidic-like kings, would be cleansed from the sin (offenses against God and life) and uncleanness (not fit for sacred or God-use) (1).

Idols Destroyed (2)

In the Messianic Age, once and for all, idols would be destroyed and the spirit of idolatry completely removed from True Israel—no one would hold any affection for them. The prophets who promoted idolatry, as well as the spirit of idolatry promoted by these prophets, would be destroyed. This false prophetic voice encouraged idolatry, and idolatry disables a person from being used by God. This spirit would be eliminated (2).

Allegiance Absolute (3-5)

The allegiance to Yahweh and the renunciation of idolatry would be absolute and complete. Even parents would be found rebuking, withstanding, and renouncing their own children, whose false prophecies incited a return to idolatry (3).  

In the new covenant age, there would be such a fervent commitment to Yahweh and His Son Jesus that false prophecy would be loathed. Those using false prophecy to promote idolatry would be thoroughly shamed because of the purity of devotion to Yahweh. Many false prophets would be converted by the absolute devotion of Yahweh to their and True Israel’s turning from their deceiving ways, even to the point that they would renounce idolatry at every level. These false prophets would be so converted that they would admit they were actually not prophets but were trained in other vocations, or even some would be slaves and servants who were just trying to make a name for themselves. The humility that Yahweh would create in the repentant would be amazing (4-5). So pure would be the devotion of the New Israel that all idolatry and all false prophecy promoting idolatry would cease and be renounced.

The Smiting of the Shepherd (6)   

For a moment, Zechariah pauses and asks about the wounds he noticed on the back of the One Who was pierced. The One Who was pierced and wounded admits that those whom He loved, those whom He had made His friends, would become His enemy and wound Him (6).

Strike the Shepherd (7-8)

Yahweh would then call through Zechariah for the sword to awaken. Yahweh would be awakening those evil leaders, the rejected leaders from old Israel, to rise up against His Good Shepherd.

Those evil shepherds would be called upon to strike the Good Shepherd, Jesus. When they struck Jesus, His sheep would scatter. This would mean national Israel, or old Israel, would run and flee from Him.

The next phrase is a difficult one, "I will turn My hand against the little ones." It can also mean, "I will return My hand over my little ones." This phrase is used negatively and positively in Scripture. No doubt this means the Jews would scatter, but Yahweh turns His favoring hand toward those "little" ones who followed and remained. While the world is scattering, the "little" ones are being protected and gathered (7).

One Third Judgment (8-9)

Zechariah then defines what would happen as a result of Jesus’ being pierced. The entire land of Judah would experience judgment.

One third of the people would die from the Roman invasion. One third would be left to live in the poverty and oppression of Roman rule (8).

One third would be refined and come out pure, devoting their lives to following and calling on Yahweh's name. This third would renounce idols and be devoted to Yahweh in a fidelity of faith, absent of compromise. Yahweh would answer their prayers and call them “My people." They, in turn, would call Yahweh "their God" (9).

This is exactly what happened when Rome invaded. Some were slain in battle and plagues were caused by war. Some lived, but under the oppression of Roman occupation. Some fled and were refined as followers of Yahweh into a company of heroes.