Proverbs Devotional Experience

Proverbs 7

Parental Proverbs cont. 1:8-9:18

Tenth Discourse: “A Sex Story" (7:1-23)

Solomon now launches into a story about a young man and an adulterous woman (1-23). See how easily a young man lacking devotion to wisdom is taken from an innocent street corner and turned into a plaything for a cougar (8).

The teaching begins with the usual appeal to internalize wisdom (1-5) and to keep her as prized as one's own eyesight (2). Wisdom is to be treated like a sister, a picture of being completely appropriate (4).

We find a youth, on some evening, passing by without intent for sex and lacking wisdom in his heart (6-9). Someone else's wife, dressed like a prostitute, meets him. She is loud and does not abide inactivity, ever searching for a stimulant (10-12). She flaunts affection (13), religion (14), and the subtle lie that he is the one for whom she has been longing (15). She tempts him with quantity, quality, and intensity of lovemaking; "she will be unimaginable" (16-18). She guarantees him there will be no reprisal, for their affair will be completely discreet (19-20). She seduces him with her words until she captures his whole soul (21).

First, he follows her with his mind—she "persuades him" (21). Then, with his body—she "compels him" (21). Next, with his conscience, as all resistance is gone—"all at once he follows her" (22). Finally, he follows her and is caught like an animal until "an arrow pierces 'his liver,’ and he has now opened his life to disease (22-23).

Eleventh Discourse: "A Sex Warning" (7:24-27)

Here Solomon writes with urgency: “Listen attentively"; the path of immorality is the way of death.