Proverbs Devotional Experience

Proverbs 6

Parental Proverbs cont. 1:8-9:18

Eighth Discourse: "The Vices" (6:1-19)

First, Solomon will deal with "impetuous co-signing" (1-5). Second, he will consider “slothfulness" (6-11), then he will elaborate upon "trouble-making" (12-15), and lastly, he will give the list of “seven" (16-19).

Co-signing renders the signer slave to the lender. The Father's advice is clear: go immediately, and violently beg your life out of the agreement. Do not accept “no" as an answer (1-5).

The lazy are described as absent of initiative, full of procrastination, self-deceived, and searching for easy money. The ant, however, works without a whip to the back or the commands of a leader. The lazy are urged to observe and linger no longer between the sheets (6-11).

The "trouble-maker" uses tongue, eye, and finger to continually stir up division where affection previously existed (12-15).

Finally, the X+1 formula is used to state in a poetic way that the list of seven is not exhaustive, and there are behaviors hated by the Lord not mentioned here (16-19):

A look of superiority (narcissistic behavior),

a devious tongue (psychopathic behavior),

hands that hurt others (antisocial behavior),

hearts that plan harm (sociopathic behavior),

feet eager to do evil (borderline behavior),

a witness who lies (pathological liar behavior),

and the person who destroys affection between friends (hysterical behavior).

In the Ninth Discourse: “Further Sex Talk" (6:20-35)

Solomon returns to the subject he deals with more than any other—immorality. He once again stirs his son to internalize his advice (20-23) and to grasp his words with deep affection.

This internalized wisdom, grasped with great affection, will keep the heart from flattery (24), the seduction of beauty (25), the deception of paying for sex (26), and the envelopment of burning with lust (27-29). Immorality is not like other sins, for immorality is accompanied with merciless disgrace, but wisdom will keep the son tethered to discipline (30-35).