Proverbs Devotional Experience

Proverbs 28

Another section seems to appear in chapter 28. The first nine verses rehearse the subjects of the first nine chapters, and the term “torah" (law or teaching) appears five times in the same verses. Here, Hezekiah's scribes are listing the instructions of Solomon.

Notice the insecurity of a bad conscience (1), the weakness of immorality (2), the destruction of injustice (3), what is praised when the law is rejected (4-5), the preference of poverty to dishonesty (6), the shame that results from running with wild friends (7), the curse of high interest rates (8), and the useless praying of a person who ignores the law (9).

The rest of this chapter is devoted to contrasting the wicked and the righteous (10-28).

B. Those who lead astray versus the faithful (10)

 C. Rich who think they're wise versus the poor with discernment (11)

  D. The godly in charge versus the wicked in charge (12)

E. Those who conceal their sins versus those who confess (13)

    F. Those who fear to do wrong versus those who are stubborn (14)

A. Non-contrasting proverb concerning the danger of a wicked ruler (15)

B. An oppressive ruler versus the one who hates corruption (16)

A. A murderers' conscience (17)

B. The rescue of the blameless versus the destruction of the crooked (18)

 C. The hard worker versus the fantasy chaser (19)

  D. The trustworthy versus the quick-rich schemer (20)

A. No benefit to favoritism (21)

A. Lack of discernment in the head of the greedy (22)

A. The appreciation of criticism (23)

A. Stealing from parents is the same as murder (24)

B. Greed and fighting versus trust and prosperity (25)

 C. Trusting personal insight is foolish versus walking in wisdom (26)

  D. Those who give to the poor versus those who close their hearts (27)

E. Wicked in charges versus the wicked meeting disaster (28)