Proverbs Devotional Experience

Proverbs 23

The father has so far appealed to his children to listen (22:17-21) and has listed out things to avoid (22:22-28). He now turns his attention to giving his children instruction in how to advance in life.

First, he encourages the mastering of etiquette (1-3).

    Second, he encourages his son not to be addicted to being rich (4-7).

          Third, he discourages making intimate friends of the stingy and the fool.

                   Fourth he encourages his children not to remove the ancient boundaries set by Yahweh when they inherited the land (10-11).

                        Fifth, he makes it clear that discipling children is essential for an advancing life (12-16).

                             Sixth, he encourages his son to deal with envy with a good dose of fearing God (17-18).

He now turns to the subject of vices to avoid (19-35).

    First in his list are carousing and drunkenness (19-21).

         Second on his list is the temptation to dishonor one's parents (22-26).

              Third, he warns against sexual misconduct (27-28).

                   The writer of this portion of Proverbs concludes with a heavy warning against drunkenness, spelling out in detail the bitter consequences (29-35).