Psalm 22

The Messiah of Psalms

Psalm 22 is certainly a "Lament Psalm," but it is also the fourth "Messianic Psalm." It is Messianic, for its contents transcend anything David ever experienced or encountered (6, 14, 16, 18). It is as though the Psalm was composed at the cross by Christ. David writes this Psalm during a time of persecution in his own life, but it is as if Christ was writing through him from the cross years later.

The Psalm contains three major sections:

1) The terror of the rejection of the cross (1-21)
2) The glory of the victory in the resurrection (22-24)
3) The joy of the salvation in the Good News (25-31)

Observations: Messiah begins this Psalm describing being abandoned by God (1-5), then being a reproach to people (6-8), all while fully trusting God (9-11). Finally, the Messiah focuses on His physical agony (12-18), repeating His full trust in God (19-21). Then the mood changes and victory over death becomes one huge celebration for all (22-24), followed by a great expectation for the Good News to be taken to the nations (25-31).

Purpose: To show us how to pray and keep trusting in God when we feel abandoned by God or rejected by people.