We are a church whose heartbeat is centered around relationship.

Our mission is to help you become a lifelong follower of Jesus. We do that by practicing and developing these five habits in our lives:

Habit One: First of our week: Sabbath

Habit Two: First of our day: Devotions

Habit Three: First of our money: Tithing

Habit Four: First of our relationships: Hope Groups

Habit Five: First of our outreach: Invitation

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Our Pastors

Jess and Brenda Strickland are Lead Pastors at Living Hope in Aloha, Oregon. They are passionate about helping people know Jesus. They do this by helping every person who comes to Living Hope start each day with Jesus in the Word and prayer.

Pastors Jess and Brenda have been pastoring for 40 years (we know, they look so young, you are asking if they started when they were 10). They started out as church planters and have a burden to help plant churches all around the globe, but especially the west coast of the United States. They have sent out four pastors to plant churches in the Northwest and know many more will follow. They are committed to equipping and empowering young leaders. Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can find Pastor Jess investing in the next generation by teaching homiletics at Portland Bible College.

Pastor Jess is a prolific writer, an exceptional Bible teacher and preacher, and a true pastor of people.

Pastor Brenda is a creative pastor, passionate people-lover and friend to all.

Pastors Jess and Brenda have two children: Pastor Jerushah, who has two sons with her husband Ben; and Pastor Jared, who has two sons on earth and one in heaven with his wife Brittney. Pastors Jess and Brenda love Jesus, love people, love their family (especially their grandkids), love each other, and love the church. They can't wait to see what God is going to do in this moment.

Our Staff

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Our Beliefs