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Baby Dedication Application


Why We Dedicate Children

We believe the Gospel, and thus we believe Christ should be the center of every home. We believe the home should be a place where God's Word is read, heard, loved, and embraced in such a way that Jesus and all He has done and said is discovered so He can become a living reality to every member of the family.  

Our whole goal as a family should be a life of commitment to follow Christ because we are so overwhelmed by all His goodness and love toward us. 

Public baby dedication should mark a single moment in a lifetime of a child's dedication to Christ. In dedicating a child, we are not merely dedicating a child but the whole family is renewing their dedication to Jesus as the center of their family and following Him as their highest commitment. 

When we dedicate a baby we are:

  1. Practicing the example of Jesus in Scripture as He was presented in the temple and given to the Lord (Luke 2:22-24).
  2.  Presenting them and giving them to their prophetic destiny just as Simeon prophesied over Jesus (Luke 2:25-32).
  3. We use the symbols of water and oil to affirm that dedication is in no way a baptism, but a dedication of the child to be raised to be baptized on the day they commit their life to follow Jesus. 
  4. Declaring God's unrelenting care of, concern for, and blessing over the baby being dedicated just as Simeon and Anna did over Jesus (Luke 2:22-38; Isa. 54:13; Matt 18:1–5, 10; 19:13–15; Luke 18:15–17; Acts 2:39; 1 John 2:12–13).
  5. Dedicating our child in ceremonial form so the entire church can acknowledge with us our child is a gift from God (Psalm 127:3–5) created by our heavenly Father and entrusted to us and the church fellowship to raise up to follow Christ (Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:7).
  6. Committing our hearts and our homes to live as godly parents who love Jesus with all our hearts, who will pray for our children with deep spiritual devotion, who will not be a stumbling block to our children by living for ourselves, but will in all things seek to walk faithfully before the Lord who has done so much for us.
  7. Dedicating our child to the Lord is an expression of our commitment to persevering faithfulness in raising our children out of love for the gospel, out of love for Jesus, and all He has done. A gospel home does not serve to get God's love but serves and follows because of God's love.


If this is your heart, please fill out and submit this form.

Common Questions

Is baby dedication the same as baptism?

No, baptism is for believers who are committing their life to follow Jesus. Dedication is committing your child to be raised to someday become committed to Christ and be baptized

What if my wife or husband is not walking with the Lord?

You can still have your child dedicated. The Bible says the saved spouse has a great sanctifying affect on their family (1 Corinthians 7:14)

How old can they be?

As long as your children are completely under your authority, they can be dedicated. Jesus never wanted the children hindered from coming to Him (Luke 18:16).

Who should I invite to the service at which they are dedicated?

Anyone you consider to be an interested and loving member of your family or a friend so close you consider them family. Invite them to stand on the platform with you, affirming this renewed dedication you and your family are making to Christ as you give your child to Christ.

What can I expect when my child is dedicated?

a. The parent(s) will have a prayer of blessing and commitment prayed over them. 
b. Your child will have a prophetic prayer read over them that has been written in a Bible they will receive. 
c. Your child will be dedicated to follow Jesus, and, as they are, they will have water poured over their head to remind them they are not being baptized but being dedicated to be baptized when they commit their hearts to Christ. 
d. They will be anointed with oil, dedicating them to call out for and depend on the Spirit of Christ their whole life. 
e. They will be then given to Jesus to follow Him and fulfill His destiny for their lives.  
f. They will be shown to the church and celebrated and given back to you.

Dedication Sunday is an awesome day—a day of celebration and rejoicing, a day of humility and trembling, a day when Jesus once again is brought faithfully to the center of your home so all the destined blessings from God can be poured out upon your life. 


Baby Dedication Application