Hope for Our City

Catalyst Partnerships: Mattson Project
May 19 & 20

Project Address:

2963 SE Spruce St, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Friday 8am-noon, noon-5pm
Saturday 8am-noon, noon-5pm


Join us on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th for an opportunity to make a difference in our local community.

Ms. Mattson has owned her home in Hillsboro for 24 years, and also owns a small local store. In recent years, she has developed Generalized Dystonia, which affects all the muscles in her body and has also taken away her ability to speak. She has struggled to keep the store operating, and has taken-in two boarders to help make ends meet. As her condition has progressed she now receives in-home care, and was referred to us by Independent Living Resources to help with critical home repair issues so that she can continue to live in her home safely. By mobilizing volunteers & resources, we’re planning to accomplish the followings tasks:

Replace failed front entry deck with handicap-access ramp
Demo & remove failed side deck and lower back deck. These structures are unfit for use / hazardous, and need to be removed.
Repair footings and rotted decking areas as needed on main back deck and upper deck. Repair/replace settled pier-block footings, reattach broken ledger, replace rotted decking boards.
Build small staircase to ground from laundry door (exterior, 3-4 steps).
Haul waste to friend’s farm (approx. 3-4 dump trailer loads).

If you and your family are interested in volunteering with us for this project, please sign up at the form below. Kids age 9 and older are welcome to come help!


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