What Is Communion?

All of humanity is set free in Jesus’ death. While all of humanity still physically dies as a result of the damage done by sin, all humanity does not need to die as a payment or consequence for their sin.

The question then becomes: how does Jesus' death on the cross become my death for my sin? Not everyone wants to live with Christ or for Christ or under His government. It would be unjust for God to insist that everyone live with Him in eternity, so in His mercy He gives all people the opportunity to accept or reject His death as payment for their sin.

In baptism, one submits to identifying completely with Jesus both in His death and resurrection. We receive Jesus' resurrection life as the promised resurrection we will one day experience.

Baptism is where believers re-enact Jesus' death and resurrection in a physical way so that in the re-enactment the Holy Spirit can impart Jesus' death and resurrection so even through suffering after baptism we can continue to be transformed into His image by the Holy Spirit.

Communion is the continual re-enactment of feeding on the death and resurrection of Christ. Communion constantly reminds those who partake that no other death is necessary and salvation in no other is possible.

It is the re-enactment of His death and resurrection where those who receive the bread and the cup believe it is transformed into the body and blood of Jesus in the same way our bodies will be transformed to be like Jesus’ resurrection body.

Those who receive the bread as body and the cup as blood are saying they believe Jesus can make something out of nothing and what He makes out of nothing by the power of His Word feeds them resurrection life.