Imagine your happy place—everyone’s is different. Mine is Palm Springs. I know, I know it’s the desert—why would it be my happy place? When I go to Palm Springs its crazy, crazy HOT. We’re talking as high as 120 degrees. You can count on blue sky all day, everyday. It’s so hot that every place has the AC cranking extreme cool. But there is nothing like walking out of the AC into the glorious heat and you instantly slow down. It's so hot you can sorta feel it through your cheap rubber flip flops, so hot your skin feels different at its touch. You get into your car carefully cause you can’t touch metal or you’ll be at the ER for third-degree burns. Then you drive—miles and miles of sand and stucco house hemmed in by huge, gorgeous, stark, rocky mountains. As you drive, you are taken by the juxtaposition of the desert landscape with palm tree groves, fountains, bougainvillea, desert flowers, and foliage. It’s breath-taking. Things growing in lush tropical climates seems natural, but an oasis in the middle of the desert is like an elephant in the middle of the road. It’s startling and doesn’t make sense. I love Palm Springs because I’m reminded that beautiful things grow in unlikely places. A lush, vibrant life doesn’t require the perfect conditions. Sometimes the wrong environment makes for just the right growth in me. Psalm 92:12-14 says “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree … They shall be fresh and flourishing …” God doesn’t have a stark, isolated reality for us. He has beauty for ashes, life for death, flourishing for surviving. We’re palm trees, ladies, fresh and flourishing in every season and responsibility.  

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