More About Pastor Christina Gard!


Name: Christina Gard

Life’s work: building the local church

Childhood dream: to be the president

First job: Barista at 13 years old

Advice that shaped my career: Education opens doors of opportunity that nothing else can.

Biggest risk: my husband quitting his job for us to plant a church together.

Biggest reward: Planting a church with my husband!

Biggest flop: I tried out for cheerleading in high school and it didn't work out, but both of my sisters were Varsity cheerleaders.

When I hire, I want: dependability

Last book I read: Sisterhood Book by Bobbie Houston 

I wish I could tell my 22-year-old-self: to not worry about what the future will hold

My power suit: ripped jeans and high heels

Every morning I: Eat 2 waffles smothered with butter and syrup and 3 pieces of sausage.

The legacy I hope to leave: A church that leads MANY into a life transforming relationship with Jesus and never tires of building the Kingdom!

I’m grateful for: My husband. He is the greatest gift in my life, outside of salvation, and I would not be who I am am or where I am without him! Marriage just keeps getting better and better!

My goals for 2016: To learn to balance being a full time Pastor and full time Professor.