Pastor Nicole Sweetman

Pastors Jake + Nicole Sweetman are a couple driven by a deep desire to build a truly influential Church that fervently serves the people of Los Angeles. Their hope is to see our neighborhoods revived by building a community of believers that find their best lives are lived when Jesus is at the center. Ps Jake + Nicole desire nothing more

than to share the love of Jesus with all those who will listen + equip His church with the tools to effectively see the gospel of Christ made synonymous with the great city of Los Angeles.

They have called LA home since 2007 + currently live in North East LA with their son Wynston.

Our Vision: At C3 Los Angeles, we have a vision to see one church established and thriving in ten neighborhoods, reaching thousands of people. Refusing to adhere to the invisible borders and freeway traced boundaries that divide LA's population based on geography, we are a community that seeks to unite the people of a city through the outworking of God's Word and sharing the love that Jesus has for us all.

Our Mission: To be eyes on the city and heart in the neighborhoods. To see all people the way God sees them - Promise, Power, Purpose. We teach them the rhythm for a better life beyond ideology as we seek to help people live better lives on this side of eternity.

Pastor Natalie Aman

Natalie Aman is a musician, speaker, and leader who loves Jesus and people deeply. For over 10 years she has lead and been the youth pastor of Circle Youth Ministries at Joy Church, in Medford Oregon. She is a strategic thinker who has a passion for reaching the lost and growing the Church. She is married to her incredible husband Riley and together they enjoy eating great food, traveling to new places, and spending time with new and old friends.