It’s time, church! Our spirits are expectant as we ENTER this season of prayer and fasting leading to the conference. As we’ve been seeing in the book of Joshua, from the Jordan River crossing to the Jericho walls falling, we serve a God Who loves IMPOSSIBLE situations—this is where He enlarges and grows our FAITH to believe for and see the impossible happen. This is our impossible moment. This is our Jordan crossing. This is our Jericho march. Join us for HERE (as in Heaven) Conference where God wants to accomplish the impossible and make miracles happen for us.


So what is HERE Conference? Every February, we as church set time aside for several nights of prayer and sessions as we start out the year hearing from God. This has historically been a week of great impact for our church with God speaking to both our Living Hope community and individuals. 


Can anyone come? YES! Anyone and everyone! 

Does it cost? Nope, it is a free conference. We just want you there! 

Do I have to register? It sure helps us plan! Especially for our Hope Kids Conference! You can do so here.

Will there be food? We’ll have light snacks before the sessions and we have some fun after-parties planned to end the night where there will be FOOD!

What are the prayer sessions? Each night we will have concentrated times of prayer and worship for Living Hope and individuals centered around healing, finances, and families, and relationships. These prayer times will be at 5:30pm on Thursday and Friday and 4:30pm Saturday up in Citizens. It’s going to be an impacting time of seeking God together! You don’t want to miss these prayer times!

Will there be childcare during the prayer times? Yep. We got your kids covered with childcare during the prayer times of conference as well as with their own conference during the main sessions.