What to wear and bring?

We are going to have such a fun week of active adventuring. Please have your kids dress like they would for P.E. As Friday will be a water day, feel free to dress boys in swim trunks and have girls wear bathing suits underneath their clothes and bring a towel. 

Also, for all our existing Hope Kids, please bring your HK tote bag for carrying all your treasure and for those of you new to us, we will be providing a bag for you use at HK Treasure Camp. 

What if my child has a food allergy?
-Just indicate specific allergy at registration; we are prepared and ready to accommodate all food allergies.

May I pick up my child without the tag or may someone else?
-Unfortunately, no. We’d ask all Hope Kids to be claimed with the unique code tag. If you’d like someone else to pick up the child, please make arrangements to get them the tag.

Will they get a t-shirt?
-Of course! It’s Kids Camp! Everyone gets a t-shirt!


register your child here!