Hope Kids at Home: Week of October 16-22

Dear Parents,

Have you ever planted tomatoes?  If so, you may notice that the plants seem to spread unexpectedly.  The first summer the plants are right where you put them.  The next year, tomato plants seem to pop up in random places.  One might emerge in the flower bed, another next to the sand box, and still another right in the middle of the grass.  This continues each summer, with more tomato plants making their surprise appearances throughout the yard.  This is our prayer for Hope Kids at Home devotions.  We pray that as you plant seeds during intentional devotion time with your children, you will start to see surprise fruit from these seeds popping up in unexpected places!  We pray that you see this fruit pop up in conversations in the car, during recess at school, and in between teeth brushing and pajama time.  We pray that each season will bring more fruit in broader spaces and that your homes will be filled with these little surprises of growth coming from the hearts of your children!

Devotion Overview

Read: The First Sin Genesis 3
Practice: Repeat the Weekly Hope phrase
Engage: Talk with your child, using the guided question and response as a starting point.  Take on the suggested activity together or create an activity on your own!
Worship: God’s Not Dead by Newsboys
Pray: Pray together.  Encourage your child to feel comfortable and open talking to Jesus.

Week of October 16th-22nd

Yellow: Ages 2-3

Weekly Hope:  God Helps Me!
Story:  Genesis 3
Ask Your Child:  Who helps us when we say “It’s too hard!”?

God helps us!  When we say, “It’s too hard!”, He helps us!  He gives us strength (flex muscles) and power (point to head) to have joy in our hearts (point to heart) as He helps us!  He will always listen to you when you need His help!

Activity:  Crouch down and say, “Who helps you?” and then jump up, flex your muscles, and yell, “God helps me!”.  Repeat together and have fun with this!  Pray together thanking God for always helping us.

Red: Ages 4-5

Weekly Hope:  God is better than I can imagine!
Story:  Genesis 3
Ask Your Child:  What do you imagine that God is like?

God is amazing!  When we think about the brightest star, He is brighter!  When we hear the loudest sound, He is louder!  When we run as fast as we can, He is faster!  He is so much better than we can imagine!  

Activity:  Play “That is....God is...”.  Think about something exciting or interesting.  (Examples:  race car, tall tower, pretty flower, upcoming trip, etc.)  Then for each thing say, “That is _____ (really fast, so beautiful, etc) but God is ________ (even faster! even more beautiful! etc)”.  Crouch down as you say “That is _____”, and stand up to say “God is ____!”.  Pray together thanking God for being even better than we can imagine!

Purple: K-2nd Grade

Weekly Hope: God is better than I can imagine!
Story:  Genesis 3
Ask Your Child: Why did God create rules?

God wants us to fully enjoy the life He has given us!  This doesn’t mean having fun in every single minute, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t have to do things that are hard.  He doesn’t want us to miss out on His plan for us, so He created rules so that we understand how to live.  These rules are found in the Bible and they show us how to follow God.  We can’t do this on our own!  He will help us understand and follow His rules so that we can fully enjoy the life He has created!  He is better than we can imagine!

Activity:  Choose one rule from the Bible (example: love your neighbor) and talk about how to follow that rule.  Make a plan, such as raking leaves for your neighbor, and act on it!  Talk about how much joy comes from following God’s rules!  Pray together asking God to help us follow His rules.

Checkered: 3rd-5th Grade

Weekly Hope:  God is better than I can imagine!
Story:  Genesis 3
Ask Your Child:  If God is better than I can imagine, why don’t I always get what I want?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God doesn’t always give us what we want.  If He’s so good, why doesn’t He just say “YES!” every time we ask for something?  God’s perspective is so much larger than ours.  He can see everything!  He knows what is good for us and what will destroy us.  He knows what will bring us closer to Him and what will draw us away from Him.  He is better than we can imagine because He is beyond what we can imagine!  The life He has planned for us is incredible!  We get to choose to walk in His ways so that we can be a part of the life that is beyond our imagination!

Activity:  Work with your child to create a list of things that may be causing worry or fear.  (Examples:  Starting a new school, making friends at church, trying out for a sport, seeing a sick family member or friend.)  Write this list on a piece of paper and pray over the list together, thanking God that He is better than we can imagine and asking for Him to show His plan in each of the situations.  Then encourage your child to save the list and look at it again in one month to see how God has helped in each area.