Hope Kids at Home: Week of October 30-November 5

Dear Parents,

Promises are a big deal for kids.  Have you ever seen the earnest look on your son’s face begging for his friend to promise that he will play at recess?  Or have you heard your daughter yelling with joy as she comes through the door shouting, “I get to go to a birthday party!  My friend promised!”? Promises carry so much weight for kids!  Promises are treasured, given eagerly, and reserved for only the most important recess scenarios.  In November Hope Kids will focus on God’s promises.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show your kids that promises are a big deal to God too.  In fact, they are such a big deal that He filled the Bible with His promises that He will keep forever!

Devotion Overview

Read: The First Sin, Genesis 3 (Ages 2-3 only)
The Lords Covenant with Abram, Genesis 15 (Ages 4 and up) 
Practice: Repeat the Weekly Hope phrase
Engage: Talk with you child, using the guided question and response as a starting point.  Take on the suggested activity together or create an activity on your own!
Worship: Deep Cries Out by Bethel
Pray: Pray together.  Encourage your child to feel comfortable and open talking to Jesus.

Week of October 30th - November 5th

Yellow: Ages 2-3

Weekly Hope:  God helps me!
Story:  Genesis 3
Ask Your Child:  Does God want you to listen to Him?

Yes!  God wants you to listen to Him!  When you listen to Mom or Dad you are practicing listening and listening is the right thing to do!  It is good to listen and obey quickly so that you are ready to listen to God!

Activity:  Play a listening and obeying game together.  Give a simple direction (lay down, do a somersault, pick up two toys, put your plate in the sink, etc) and then say, “Listen and Obey!”.  The goal for your child is to obey as quickly as possible!  Celebrate and give high fives for quick obedience!  Pray together thanking God for helping us learn how to listen to Him.

Red: Ages 4-5

Weekly Hope:  God keeps His promises!
Story:  Genesis 15
Ask Your Child:  Does God tell the truth?

Yes!  God always tells the truth; He will never ever lie to you!  When God makes a promise with you, He will keep it!  You can find His promises in the Bible, and these promises are things that God will keep forever.  You can trust Him!

Activity:  Find one promise in the Bible, such as God promising to give Abraham a son.  Then draw a picture together of Abraham and Isaac.  Help your child write “God keeps His promises!” on the top of the page.  Pray together thanking God for keeping His promises.

Purple: K-2nd Grade

Weekly Hope:  God keeps His promises!
Story:  Genesis 15
Ask Your Child: What are God’s promises like?

God’s promises are good!  His promises are true!  His promises will never change!  God has given us so many promises in the Bible that tell us about who He is and how we can trust Him.  He always keeps His promises, no matter what!  We can trust Him!

Activity:  Using a white crayon and construction paper, write out one promise from the Bible such as Psalm 145:9.  Then use watercolors to paint over the words.  Notice how the words written remain even with the paint on them.  Talk about how God’s promises are always there, no matter what.  Pray together thanking God that we can trust His promises.

Checkered:  3rd-5th Grade

Weekly Hope:  God keeps His promises!
Story:  Genesis 15
Ask Your Child:  Is there anything that God has promised you?

The Bible is filled with God’s promises for you!  There are promises of God always taking care of you, never leaving you, and giving you peace.  God has given you so many promises!  He is still speaking today, and sometimes He puts a promise in our hearts to remind us that He is in control.  You may not hear God’s voice with your ears, but you hear His voice in your heart and mind telling you about the things He has promised you.

Activity:  Practice waiting on God together.  Talk about how it might feel strange to wait quietly for a voice that you won’t hear with your ears but it is important to be quiet sometimes to make time for God to speak to us.  Practice asking God to speak to your hearts and minds and then be silent together for five minutes.  Pray together thanking God that we can know His promises.