THANK YOU, Hope Kids Treasure Camp Volunteers!

HUGE, GIGANTIC, HOT AIR BALLOON-sized THANK YOU to all our amazing beautiful Hope Kids Treasure Camp volunteers! WOW! What a week! You shared worth, value, and love to some wonderful kiddos! You got to camp waaay early, kids in tow, wearing the same t-shirt day after day. You loved, led, laughed, sang, and danced. Created secure, fun, and meaningful spaces for kids to connect with God & each other! Love each one of you dearly!

Yay!!!! to our incredible station leaders!  You put your heart, skill, and creativity into all you did and it showed—cause you were excellent! LOVE you ladies—Brenda Strickland, Vennisa Gerberg, Molly Kuhlman, Ruth Happ, Jordan Rotert, Jan Smith, and Mardie Figueroa.

Hooray!!!! to our preschool teachers. Feel like the word "preschool" says it all. You not only survived but you rocked the experience for every kid!  XO! Sarah Wallace, Kelsey Kim, Melissa Velasco, Jinny Yi, Alisha Backman, Mirna Calderon, Mawy Holguin, and AnnMarie Frisch.

Woot woot!!!! to my group leaders! Wow, did you pastor kids! Speaking life & potential over every heart! Never impatient or negative, kids were loved well! LOVES! Trudy Martin, Marybeth Lewis, Kristen Ryder, and Amber Burnett. 

YESSS Citizens! You were so engaged, fun, and present! The kids thought you were the coolest! We found you trustworthy! Luv you! Kristina Lizhnyak, Natalia Perez, Jazzie Jimenez, Destiny Alarcon, Erin Bell, Nico Gerberg, Mya Garcia, Samantha Garcia, Vienna Nations, Ruby Nations, Pearl Tommy, Chris Newby, Becca, Joseff, and David. 

YUM!!!!! All our kitchen crew! Thank you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (ok, not dinner but you would have if we asked!) Y'all can cook! We love you Ginny, Marva, Jan, Mardie, Chris, and Ana Tamazzia.

WOO HOO to all my specialists—Ricky Happ, Carrie Kuhlman, Alyssa Mahan, Elizabeth Fancher! Thanks for being experts! 

HIPPITY HIP Isak Anderson, Jordan Rotert, and Jonathan Rotert for all the awesome pics & video.

Finally, to my dear friend Cindy Dizon! Energizer bunny! Adore, respect, and just plain like you! Your faith is contagious! Love working with you! Love watching you use your gift of administration to admin the most excellent camps! Love what motivates you to do it! Every church needs a "Cindy" but thankful we got the original! The impact of your gift will go on for years. You are an example of what it means to be all in in following Jesus. You rock!!!! Excited to start planning next year with you! Hahaha! But sleep first! 😉