Introducing: Hope Kids at Home

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to introduce Hope Kids at Home!  This is our weekly Hope Kids devotional experience aimed to help you:

  • Know what your child is learning in Hope Kids each Sunday
  • Engage with your child and reiterate the truths they are learning in class
  • Join with your child and experience Jesus together

Each week you will receive a link to our blog that explains what your child will hear in class that coming Sunday and gives you age-appropriate conversations and activities to bring the story home. Since there is just one devotion and activity per age group, we are encouraging you to make time each week to make these devotions a priority. You might choose one day or spread the devotion out over the week. Think of this resource as your starting point! Whether during breakfast, in between carpool drop-offs, while you're setting the table, or before tucking everyone into bed, we are encouraging you to follow the words of Deuteronomy 11:

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Let’s dive in—let’s fill our homes with thoughts, words, and songs about our BIG, awesome, and loving God!  

Pastor Jerushah Tanner & the HK Team

Devotion Overview

Read: The Creation Story Genesis 1-2 

Practice: Repeat the Weekly Hope phrase

Engage: Talk with your child, using the guided question and response as a starting point. Take on the suggested activity together or create an activity on your own!

Worship: Alive

Pray: Pray together. Encourage your child to feel comfortable and open talking to Jesus.

Week of September 18th-24th

Yellow: Ages 2-3

Weekly Hope:  God Made Me!
Story:  Genesis 1-2

Ask Your Child:  What did God make?

God made you!  He made everything and He said “You’re good!” because it made Him smile.  He made water, trees, flowers, dirt, worms, puppies, tigers, mommy, daddy, and you!  

Activity:  While playing outside, help your child collect things that God created such as dirt, sticks, flowers, bugs, pets, etc.  Then hold each item one at a time and say, “Hello ____!  You’re good!”.  Pray together thanking God for each item He created.

Red: Ages 4-5

Weekly Hope: My Big and Loving God Created Me!
Story:  Genesis 1-2

Ask Your Child:  How much does God love what He creates?

God loves what He creates with all of His heart!  He thinks about what He creates, takes care of what He creates, and loves loves loves what He creates!  That means that He thinks about you, takes care of you, and loves you with all of His heart!

Activity:  Go for a creation walk, looking for things that God has created and is taking care of.  Point out trees that need water and sun, birds that eat berries, or anything you see that is evidence of God’s loving care for His creation.  Pray together, thanking God for loving and taking care of His creation.

Purple: K-2nd Grade

Weekly Hope:  My Big and Loving God Created Me!
Story:  Genesis 1-2

Ask Your Child:  When you look outside, what tells you that God is Big and Loving?

God created everything!  He planned and made every tree, flower, mountain, fish, and snowflake to be unique and special.  He created the first of everything and He is still creating - He never gets tired or bored of creating!  That same God who cares about every single blade of grass and butterfly carefully planned and created you!  

Activity:  Using pieces of nature, create a collage or other piece of art together.  Talk about taking time to plan and create something special.  Pray together thanking God for loving us so much that He plans and creates everything to be special and unique.

Checkered:  3rd-5th Grade

Weekly Hope:  My Big and Loving God Created Me!
Story:  Genesis 1-2

Ask Your Child:  What evidence can you see in yourself and in others that God is the Big and Loving Creator?

Sometimes it’s easy to only see our icky sides, the things we wish we could hide.  That’s not how God created you or how He sees you.  There are things He put in you when He made you.  I see glimpses of those things in you too!  (Provide examples - generosity, selfless acts, hospitality, etc)  Pray together thanking God for creating us to be in His image.

Activity:  Draw portraits of each other.  Write words around the edges of the picture describing qualities God has placed in that person.  Share your pictures with each other.  Pray together thanking God for creating us in His image.