Hope Kids at Home: September 25, 2016

Dear Parents,

We are thrilled that you are enjoying Hope Kids at Home!  We wanted to leave just a quick note about repetition.  You may notice that our story and theme often stay the same for 2-4 weeks.  This is intentional for two reasons.  First, we are convinced that repetition helps to seal truth into our hearts.  Second, when we spend more time on a story, we are able to dive in deeper and really understand what God is saying to us. 

Here’s to growing in Big Faith, Big Love, Big Life!

Devotion Overview

Read: The Creation Story Genesis 1-2 
Practice: Repeat the Weekly Hope phrase
Engage: Talk with your child using the guided question and response as a starting point.  Take on the suggested activity together or create an activity on your own!
Worship: Alive by Hillsong
Pray: Pray together.  Encourage your child to feel comfortable and open talking to Jesus.

Week of September 25th-October 1st

Yellow: Ages 2-3

Weekly Hope:  God Speaks and BAM! Something
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  What did God use to create everything?

God used His voice to create the world!  When He wanted to create water, He said, “Hello water!”  When He wanted to create flowers, He said, “Hello flowers!”  When He wanted to create lions, He said, “Hello lions!”  When God speaks, something happens!

Activity:  Gather items that God created.  These might be things from outside (sticks, leaves, flowers) or inside (stuffed animals, apples, carrots).  Hide the items behind your back and when your child says “Hello _____!” clap your hands together and say “BAM!” then give them item to your child.  Pray together thanking God for using His voice to create the world.

Red: Ages 4-5

Weekly Hope:  God Speaks and BAM! Something
Story:  Genesis 1-2

Ask Your Child:  What is God’s voice like?

When there was nothing, God spoke and created everything around us.  He still speaks and creates!  He doesn’t need tools, directions, or special materials to create - He just speaks!  His voice is powerful!  With His powerful voice He speaks and BAM! leaves fall, fish jump, the sun shines, and your hair grows!  

Activity:  Paint or color a picture together.  Talk about how we need tools (crayons, brushes, paper) to create but God’s voice is so powerful that He just speaks and creates everything!  Pray together thanking God for His powerful voice.

Purple: K-2nd Grade

Weekly Hope: God speaks and BAM! Something
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  If you close your eyes, how can you know what God creates?

When God speaks, He creates everything around us!  With His voice He makes everything we can see but He also creates things for us to enjoy not using our eyes.  He creates sounds, smells, different tastes, and things for us to touch.  When He speaks, BAM! flowers smell sweet, leaves sound crunchy, and watermelon tastes juicy!

Activity:  Whether outside or inside, choose an activity normally done with eyes open (walking around the yard, eating a snack, playing an instrument) and do it with eyes closed.  Talk about the different sounds, textures, tastes, and smells that are enjoyed.  Pray together thanking God for speaking all of these things into creation!

Checkered:  3rd-5th Grade

Weekly Hope:  God Speaks and BAM! Something
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  Even though we can’t hear God’s voice with our ears, how can we know that He is still speaking?

We know that God created the entire world in six days, but did you know that He has actually never stopped creating?  Just look around you!  God first spoke to create everything and He is still speaking to create today!  We know that He is still speaking because flowers still have bright petals, ocean waves still crash, rain still falls, and caterpillars still become butterflies!  Even though we cannot hear His voice, He still speaks loudly over all of creation!

Activity:  Drop food coloring into water and watch the changes.  Use different water containers for each color.  Talk about how colors are just one piece of the evidence that we serve a creative and powerful God who speaks and BAM! colors appear.  Pray together thanking God for reminding us every day that He is always speaking!