Hope Kids at Home: Week of October 2-8, 2016

Dear Parents,

Life is busy!  Let’s just be honest, if we wait for the house to be spotless, every errand taken care of, the kids bathed, and the homework done before we take on leading our kids in devotions...well they will probably not happen until they are about ready to graduate from high school.  Let’s decide to just not wait anymore!  Let’s choose this week to stop and teach our kids to listen to the word of God.  Let’s choose to rush something else in our day to make space for devotions.  Let’s show our kids today that devotions are important, valuable, lasting!  Let’s do whatever it takes to make devotions happen in our homes! 

Devotion Overview

Read: The Creation Story Genesis 1-2 
Practice: Repeat the Weekly Hope phrase
Engage: Talk with your child, using the guided question and response as a starting point.  Take on the suggested activity together or create an activity of your own!
Worship: Alive by Hillsong
Pray: Pray together.  Encourage your child to feel comfortable and open talking to Jesus.

Week of October 2nd-8th

Yellow: Ages 2-3

Weekly Hope:  God Made Me!
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  What did God make you to do?

Can you jump?  Can you dance?  Can you spin in circles?  You can do all of these things because God made you!  Some things you can do now and some things you will do when you get bigger.  God helps you grow because He made you!

Activity:  Play a movement game together!  Say “God made me!  I can ____!” (jump, run, hop on one foot, etc) and then do the movement together.  Be creative and silly as you celebrate being God’s creation!  As you move, pray together saying “Thank You God for helping me jump!”.

Red; Ages 4-5

Weekly Hope: My big and loving God created me to be His child
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  How does God take care of His children?

Look around you!  There are so many things that God has given us!  Wow!  Look at the food on our table; that is a gift from God to keep us healthy.  Look outside at the trees; those are a gift from God to help us breath healthy air.  Look at the bees on the flowers; those are a gift from God to make honey for us to enjoy.  He knows exactly what we need!  He takes such good and special care of us!

Activity:  While eating dinner together, talk about what ingredients are in the meal.  Work together to figure out where all of the food comes from.  (Example: bread comes from wheat flour and God created wheat.)  Pray together thanking God for giving us so many wonderful things to enjoy as His children.

Purple: K-2nd Grade

Weekly Hope:  My big and loving God created me to be His child!
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  What did God create for you, His child, to enjoy?

God is your perfect Father!  He designed and created you!  He knows exactly what delights you, exactly what makes you smile.  Do you like to build things?  He created sticks and branches so that you can build forts.  Do you like to color?  He created every color for you to use and enjoy.  Do you like to bake?  He created all of the ingredients so that you can enjoy creating delicious treats.  He loves you so much that He created you to enjoy His creation!

Activity:  Choose one activity inspired by the conversation from today’s devotion.  That activity might be building a stick house, coloring a picture, baking cookies, or something else that incorporates enjoying God’s creation.  Whatever it is, take time to fully enjoy it together!  Pray together thanking God for creating us to be His children who get to enjoy the world He made.

Checkered:  3rd-5th Grade

Weekly Hope:  My big and loving God created me to be His child!
Story:  Genesis 1-2
Ask Your Child:  What does it mean to be a child of God?

When God created you, He designed you to belong to Him.  He had a perfect plan for you to be His child and for Him to be your Father.  It might seem strange to think about having a Father that you cannot see and who is in charge of the whole world.  But guess what?  When you are a child of God, that means that you are never ever alone.  You will never ever be forgotten.  You never ever have to worry because He will always take care of you.  He is your perfect Father and He loves you more than you can imagine!  When you are His child, it means that you belong to the One who knows exactly what you need because He created you!

Activity:  Go outside and find something small in nature.  This might be a small rock, flower to dry, round of wood cut from a log, a leaf that is changing color, anything!  Encourage your child to hide that item in a special place such as a backpack pocket, inside the pages of a bible, or in a special box or drawer.  Then pray together that whenever feeling worried, unsure, or alone, God will use this special item as a reminder that He takes perfect care of His creation.