Hope Kids at Home: Week of December 10-16


Question of the Week:  The Bible tells us that Jesus is our Everlasting Father.  How do you need Him to be your Everlasting Father today?

Life is full of feelings.  Do you ever wish there was someone who just knew what you needed all of the time?  That's Jesus!  He is our Everlasting Father.  That means that He always knows what we need and He always has good things for us.  Do you need strength to be brave?  He is with you.  Do you need someone to show you how special you are?  He will show you.  Do you need help understanding something at school?  He will help you.  He is you Everlasting Father who always loves you and always takes perfect care of you!

Pray together about a specific need asking Jesus to show Himself as the Everlasting Father.