Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 19-25

Question of the Week: In Luke 10 Jesus tells us to love our neighbor. Who is your neighbor? How can you love your neighbor today?

We often think of our neighbors as people who live next door to us. Jesus wants us to think bigger! Our neighbors are everywhere, near and far! Some neighbors live in our town and others live on the other side of the world. Jesus wants us to love and take care of others when we see that they need help. He wants us to always be looking for ways to love and care for people, even for people we don't know! Do you remember the story of The Good Samaritan? Jesus wants to interrupt our days, just like He interrupted the Samaritan's day, with His plans!  Just like the Samaritan, we can respond and obey with love!

Tell you child about a time when God interrupted your plans to help and love your neighbor.