Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 26-April 1

Question of the Week:  In Mark chapter 8, Jesus talks about how important it is for us to think about God instead of just thinking about ourselves.  What does it mean to be thinking about God?

God wants us to care about the things that He cares about!  What does He care about?  His people!  God loves the people that He created so much!  He cares about His people being taken care of.  Imagine that you had a whole day with no plans at all.  It might be easy to make a list of everything that you wanted to do that day.  Maybe sleep in, play outside, color a picture, and bake cookies.  What a fun day!  All of these things are good and God wants you to enjoy them, however He doesn't want for these things to be the first thing that you think about.  Instead, He wants you to first think about loving Him and loving His people.  Thinking about God means that we plan time to read the Bible and pray.  It means that we think of ways to love and care for His people by helping and serving.  Thinking about God means that He is the first thing that pops into our minds when we wake up!

Share a story with your child about a time when you practiced thinking about God instead of thinking about yourself.