Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 16-22

Question of the Week:  Jesus Triumphs!  He wins!  What does it mean to you today to know that Jesus has won?

Can you think of a time when you've felt really bad about something you have said or done?  Maybe you felt like a relationship was broken or even like you were broken inside.  It's not a good feeling, is it?  The wonderful news of Easter is that Jesus has won, He has made everything whole and even better than it was before!  He has won and He has changed us forever!  No, we are not perfect.  In fact, we will keep on making lots of mistakes.  But Jesus has won!  He has covered all of our mistakes and changed us so that we get to live knowing Him instead of just knowing our mistakes!  Jesus triumphs and He transforms us so that we are new and no longer broken!

Tell your child about what Easter means to you.