Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 30-May 6

Question of the Week:  Jesus teaches us how to manage (take care of) things!  What and who does Jesus want us to take care of?  Can you tell me how you are doing that with chickens at church?

We are given so much!  We have hands that can serve, minds that can think of ideas, money to buy things we need, time to spend with others, and so much more!  Jesus teaches us how to manage all of these things.  He shows us what He thinks is important!  Jesus says that taking care of others is very important.  During Hope Kids Gives, you have the chance to earn Hope Kids Bucks and to do a few different things with them.  You can buy treats from the Lemonade and Market Stands.  You can also give your Hope Kids Bucks to purchase chickens that will be given to a family that lives in a country where they do not have many of the things they need.  What will you do on Sunday?  How will you manage your Hope Kids Bucks?

Tell your child about how Jesus guides your family to manage your money, time, and priorities.