Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 9-15

Question of the Week:  Jesus is King!  This week we think about how Jesus died on the cross to save us.  Why did Jesus our King have to die on the cross?

Jesus is our Forever King!  His path to becoming King was not what many people expected.  He didn't go to the palaces, to the government, or to the people in charge.  Instead He went to the cross to die for us.  Jesus was punished for every mistake, every sin, every wrong thing we have ever done.  He was punished and He died so that we can be saved from punishment.  However that's not the end!  Jesus had to take on all of our sin and die on the cross so that He could come back to life and beat death forever!  Jesus, our King, didn't go to a palace to wear a crown and be in fancy clothes while He was on Earth.  Instead He went to the cross to die for all of us and to save us so that we can serve and love Him forever!  Jesus is our Forever King!\

Share with your child about having a new life with Jesus!