Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 21-27

Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to value the things that are important to him!  What is the difference between Heaven treasure and Earth treasure?

Jesus talked a lot about treasure when He was teaching about things that are important and valuable.  There are lots of things on Earth that we like to turn into treasures, things like having new clothes, a favorite toy, a new video game, or a beautiful necklace.  These items are not bad, but Jesus does not want us to think that they are the most valuable things.  Instead, He wants us to think about Heaven treasure!  What is Heaven treasure?  It's what Jesus tells us to do!  Helping our friends!  Obeying our parents!  Giving to those in need!  Spending time with Jesus!  

Talk with your child about things that may have become too valuable and create any needed boundaries to keep these things from becoming Earth treasures.  Then plan how to focus on Heaven treasure this week!