Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 28-June 3

Question of the Week:  Jesus is all about HOPE!  We are filled with hope because we know Him, we love Him, we serve Him, and we trust Him!  Jesus wants us to give hope to those around us.  How might we, as a family, give hope to others?

God has given us so many tools that we can use to give hope to the world.  He has given us talents and skills so that we can help others.  He has given us time so that we can listen and share kind words with others.  He has given us money so that we can take care of the needs of others.  When share the love of Jesus as we serve, love, bless, and take care of other people, we are giving hope!  Let's give hope today!

Plan a family project for the summer.  How can your family be creative and give hope to others?