Hope Kids at Home: Week of May 7-13

Question of the Week:  Our God is generous!  He wants us to live with our hands open, ready to receive what He wants to give us and ready to give to others generously!  How can you be generous today?

God gives us so much!  He provides everything we need!  In fact, He is so good at always giving us what we need that we never need to worry or wonder how we will be taken care of.  He takes care of us!  He is generous and He wants us to be generous too!  Let's talk about how we can be generous today.  Is there anyone we can help at school or in our neighborhood?  Can you be generous on Sunday with your Hope Kids Bucks?  Instead of spending everything at the stands to buy treats, what would you think about donating one buck to help buy chickens to donate to a family in need?

Tell your child about the impact generosity has had on your own life.