Hope Kids at Home: Week of August 6-12

Question of the Week:  Have you ever tattled on someone, hoping that they will get into trouble?  What do you think Jesus has to say about tattling?

Sometimes it can be tempting to want to see someone else get into trouble when they do something wrong.  It can almost feel unfair if they don't get punished when we think they deserve it.  Jesus wants to change the way we think!  We all make the wrong choice sometimes and He always forgives us.  Instead of looking for opportunities to get others punished, He wants us to rejoice in His truth that we are forgiven!  How do we do that?  We forgive each other!  We remind each other how to follow Him!  Instead of saying, "I'm telling!", we can say, "I forgive you!".  

Talk with your child about how he/she can practice rejoicing in forgiveness when at school or at home.