Hope Kids at Home: Week of January 14-20


Question of the Week:  God is our Shepherd and He gives us peace!  Do you ever feel noisy or anxious inside?  Do you want God to give you peace when you feel noisy and worried?

Lots of things can make us feel noisy inside.  Things we worry about like school, friends, clothes, or time can make us feel noisy.  Things we want like more toys, more treats, or more tv shows can make us feel noisy.  Choices we make like lying to our parents, taking things that are not ours, or using hurtful words can make us feel noisy.  This isn't noise that we can hear, it's noise that we can feel.  It's almost like feeling messy inside.  God is our Peaceful Shepherd!  When we trust in Him and follow Him, He gives us peace and quiet.  Instead of filling ourselves with the noisy things, we become filled with His peace!  When we are filled with His peace we stop worrying and wondering!  When we follow Him we experience His peace and calm!

Talk and pray about something specific that makes your child feel noisy inside.  Ask God to come as the Peaceful Shepherd to bring His peace to this area.