Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 18-24


Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to have spiritual ears that hear!  What does that mean to you?

Jesus has given us ears that hear!  Yes, our ears can hear lots of sounds around us.  When we hear a siren, we know that a fire engine is coming.  When we hear a timer on an oven, we know that the cookies are ready.  When we hear our mom or dad call our name, we know that it is time to listen.  Jesus has given us spiritual ears too.  When we hear His words in the Bible, He wants us to listen and obey them.  If we only listen and do not obey, they it's like our ears are not hearing!  When we have spiritual ears that hear, we listen and obey quickly!

Pray together asking Jesus to help us to tune our spiritual ears to hear Him!