Hope Kids at Home: Week of February 25-March 3


Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to be truth tellers!  What does it mean to tell the truth?

Telling the truth means that our words are not lies, they are true!  When we tell the truth, we are not making up stories to try to stay out of trouble or to look good.  Sometimes telling the truth is hard because we worry that someone will be upset with us, but Jesus tells us that listening to Him and obeying Him is so much more important!  No matter what, Jesus will always love us and want to be close to us.  We don't need to lie or to pretend that we don't make mistakes.  Nothing can change His love for us!  We get to be truth tellers because we know that Jesus' love for us is real and unchanging!  That's the best truth around!  When we tell the truth, we are listening to Jesus' words and obeying Him! 

Talk about truth telling and remind your child that they can tell the truth with confidence, knowing that they will always be deeply loved!