Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 18-24


Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to serve others!  How can you serve people around you today?

Do you remember the story about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples?  What a stinky job, washing smelly feet!  His disciples were very surprised to see Jesus, their King, washing stinky feet!  Jesus was trying to show us something - following Him, choosing Him as King of your life, means serving others.  Sometimes the work can be hard (even stinky) but Jesus calls us to follow His example and serve with a willing heart.  Think about people you live with at home, kids you go to school with, friends you see at the park, and your Hope Kids teachers.  How can you serve them today?  Is there a job you can do to show the love of Jesus to those people?

Come up with two or three ideas of ways to serve this week.