Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 4-10


Question of the Week:  Jesus wants us to be givers!  What can you give this week?

Jesus wants us to be ready to give to others!  There are so many ways we can give.  When we come to church, we give our tithe, our money, to the church.  When we see someone who needs food or clothes, we can give them money for food or a coat to keep warm.  When we have a friend at school who has run out of school supplies, we can share our pencils and crayons.  When we see someone sitting alone during a Hope Kids class, we can give them our friendship.  When we see our parents cleaning the house, we can give our time and help them.  There are so many ways to give!  When we give generously, we have ears that hear Jesus and follow Him!

Make a plan to be an intentional giver this week!