Hope Kids at Home: Week of March 25-31


Question of the Week:  Jesus can do anything, He is more powerful than we could ever imagine!  If He can do anything, why did He choose to die on the cross?

Jesus is so powerful, there is nothing too hard for Him!  He speaks and waves calm down.  He touches a blind man and he can see.  He walks on top of water.  He can do anything!  He was not forced to die on the cross, the soldiers were not too strong for Him.  He chose to die on the cross for us.  Jesus knew that dying on the cross for us was the only way to rescue us, to save us from our sin.  He loves each of us so much that He willingly died on the cross so that we can live with Him forever!  His love for you is so BIG that He went to the cross to save you!

Spend time this week thinking about the cross and getting ready to celebrate His resurrection.