Hope Kids at Home: Week of April 8-14


Question of the Week:  Jesus did it!  He came back to life which means no more waiting for a Savior!  What does it mean that Jesus has saved you?

Sometimes we think that we have to wait for Jesus to save us - wait until we are older, wait until we are smarter, wait until we act better...but Jesus rising from the dead means no more waiting!  He came back to life as our Savior!  That means that He has already done it, He has saved you from your sins!  There is no waiting, no trying harder, no wondering if He will save you.  He has done it!  You get to do something amazing, you get to say YES to Jesus being your Savior.  You get to say YES to something He has already done for you!  

Talk together about how to say yes to Jesus being your Savior.